Disposable Vs Rebuildable

Disposable Tanks

These are great as they are always new and, therefore, can be counted on for performance. This is an excellent option for starting out as you can get the feel for Vaping without the extra fun of servicing and maintaining a rebuildable tank.

The downside would be the fact that, depending on how often you vape, the atomizers will burn out and need to be frequently replaced. You can use promo codes like that of the Mt baker vapor promo code which is often used to save money. Make sure you use this popular coupon code for the best discount.

Rebuildable Tanks — A safe option as it allows the User to reuse their tanks many times and only replace the coil heads ( about $3 – $5), which is no hassle at all, just screwing and unscrewing. This is an excellent option for the avid Vaping Enthusiast.

Material Selection

Tanks are manufactured from three primary materials: polycarbonate (aka plastic), pyrex (aka high-temperature glass) and steel or aluminum ( aka metal)

Plastic Tanks — When vaping was new on the scene most of the vaping tanks were made of lightweight polycarbonate. The advantages of the plastic tank are mobility, durability (it won’t shatter if you drop it) and affordability.

NOTE: There are some reasons a plastic tank is a poor choice of vaping tank. The first caveat has to do with the vaping of certain acidic or particularly sweet e-liquids, which can affect the integrity of the casing and cause the liquids to leak out. You can see an example at the Sigelei T150 website we found.

The second caveat is about the way these tanks look after about a month of vaping — Cloudy, scratchy and unpleasant. Plastic tanks are not dangerous in any way, just not so pretty.

Pyrex Tanks — Although these are not as lightweight as the polycarbonate variety what they lack in mobility they make up for in stylish aesthetic appeal. These are also available in so many designs and with cool specs that are sure to delight and amaze.

The performance is also more dependable from the superior materials.

The biggest downside to these attractive tanks is that they don’t break when they hit the floor. No, they shatter into smithereens. So if there are any particularly butterfingered vaping enthusiasts out there, you may be happy with an attractive metal tank or cheaper plastic one. Or just be careful with your spiffy pyrex tank.

Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum — Some of the higher end options out there will feature a solid steel or anodized aluminum tank and casing, it, not just the attractive designs and styles it’s the quality.

You will also find many vaping tanks and apparatus that feature elements of various materials, Pyrex tanks sheathed in metal for protection or polycarbonate tanks encased in aluminum for affordability.

Wicks vs. Cartomizers

On this point, you could flip a coin; the differences between wicks and cartomizers are debated louder and longer by better heads than I. So try them out and take some notes on which method you prefer and send me a copy of the book.

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil Design

This is a price issue; you will be charged more for the dual coil design, but that does not mean the experience will be much different. Dual coils are going to produce more heal and can probably be counted on for more vapor, but that depends on the quality of the manufacturer you buy from.

Bottom Coil Design vs. Top Coil Design

Some things to consider when deciding between these two options are as follows:

Heat — Top coils produce hotter vape as they are closer to the mouth.

Fluid Levels — Scorching and burning is a result of fluid levels running out bottom coils are more problematic than a wicking system that transports the liquid from the bottom to the top.

Battery — For high quality/ high output batteries accompanied with high-quality apparatus the top coil is a good choice and prolong the life of your atomizer.

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